New Loan Process

Apply for a New Loan in 4 Easy Steps

Please call Steve Reiner, Executive Vice President of CFC via phone (310) 587-1410 and he will walk you through the step-by-step process.

Please complete the steps below then email them to or fax to (310) 451-4732

Step 1: Free Evaluation:

To begin, please download and submit the applicable templates below, listing the collateral that you would like to pledge i.e., Precious Metals, U.S. coins, World Coins or Paper Currency.

CFC uses A-Mark current market prices to determine the value of the precious metals collateral i.e., gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Numismatic collateral values are determined by PCGS, NGC, Grey Sheet, Blue Sheet, auction, expert opinion, and other sources.

Once the value of your collateral has been established you will be notified of the proposed loan amount and interest rate.

Step 2: Application:

If you would like to proceed, please download the application and submit the following documents:

Entity Documents: 

Corporation: Please attach the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Statement of Information.

Limited Liability Corporation: Please attach the Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement and Member's Consent.

Sole Proprietorship: copy of the "Doing Business As (DBA)" filing

(Any limited partner owning 5% or more of the entity will need to provide identification).

Step 3: Ship:

To arrange the shipment of collateral insured by CFC, select one of the following options:

  • USPS Express Mail  -  for shipments valued up to $100,000 per box.

  • USPS Registered Mail  - for shipments valued up to $300,000 per box.

  • Via Brinks - please email us the pick-up business address and a shipping quote will be provided.

*Please do not ship the material until we counter-sign the form and email it back to you.

Step 4: Loan Documents:

Once your collateral is verified and confirmed in our vault we will prepare and email you the loan documents for your signature. After you have reviewed and signed the loan documents please mail the signed originals along with a copy of your wire instructions to CFC.

If the signed loan documents are received at our El Segundo, CA office by 10:30 AM Pacific Time, we can typically start your lending same day or you can request an alternate date for the funds to be dispersed.


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