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Are you looking to expand your purchasing power at auction? Need financing to buy the coin that completes your collection? Can you use help expanding your numismatic inventory? Or maybe you’ve set your sights high on making numismatic history!

Whatever your precious metal or numismatic goals and dreams, we’ll give you the flexibility to do it!

At CFC we are constantly tailoring our services to meet the growing needs of our clients. CFC's services have grown well beyond secured financing on Precious Metals, U.S. Coins, World Coins, and Paper Currency.

CFC is uniquely positioned to offer dedicated world-renowned traders and numismatists that can discuss your trades, collections and auction house acquisitions or liquidations.

We offer dealers competitive financing on their inventories to provide needed liquidity, the ability to swap collateral quickly, and the unique opportunity to offer their retail customers third party financing for their purchases through CFC.

We offer investors and collectors competitive financing on their collections to provide needed liquidity, the ability to swap collateral quickly, and a unique opportunity to build and complete their collections.

In addition, we offer competitive financing in order to provide buying power before auctions; this gives the financial peace of mind to concentrate on the auction process.

After the auction, simply email your auction invoice from any numismatic auction house and we'll finance up to seventy-five percent (75%) of the invoice for new clients only.

CFC offers safe, secure and insured storage options around the world through our affiliate company Transcontinental Depository Services, LLC, (TDS), which our competitors are unable to match (see Asset Protection). TDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.

Periodically CFC offers financing specials for dealers, investors, collectors, live auctions houses, Internet auctions and Institutions (see Special Offers).
And most importantly, CFC does not share your information with its affiliates or any outside parties unless you give us permission to do so. All of your investment information is held in the strictest confidence. We respect our clients’ privacy. (see Privacy Policy) for more details.

The new loan process is simple and free. To get started contact Steve Reiner Executive Vice President of CFC via phone (800) 232-5767 or email and she will walk you through the easy step-by-step (see New Loan Process). There is no obligation.



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