Canada Assets Protection

Can I store my precious metals in Canada? Yes. 

CFC will help you do it!

Our Canadian locations include:

  • Calgary, Alberta

  • Ottawa, Ontario

  • Toronto, Ontario

Canada is a country in North America with the world's eleventh-largest economy, and is one of the world's top ten trading nations, with a highly globalized economy. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world; it ranks among the highest in international measurements of civil liberties, quality of life, and economic freedom.

Calgary is designated as a global city and is recognized as an economic leader, a corporate power-center with overall diversity and the fastest growing economy within Canada.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and the fourth largest city in the country.

Toronto a global city (also called world city or sometimes alpha city or world center) located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto is an international center for business and finance and generally considered the financial capital of Canada and an important node in the global system of finance and trade.

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Calculation of estimated daily storage fee (see Calculator).

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