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Silver (AG)

Silver has long been valued as a precious metal used in currency coins, and as an investment in the form of bars, rounds and junk silver. Junk silver bags are circulated 90% US silver coins, minted before 1965, are called junk silver coins because the coins have no collector or numismatic value. The coins are bought and sold for the value of their silver content.

Although many investors buy junk silver coins as bullion investments, other investors buy junk US silver coins for “survival purposes.” In this case, the silver would be used for the purpose they were originally minted: as money.

Many nations used silver as the basic unit of monetary value. The name of the pound sterling reflects the fact it originally represented the value of one pound Tower weight of sterling silver.

During the 19th century, the bimetallism that prevailed in most countries was undermined by the discovery of large deposits of silver in the Americas.  Fearing a sharp decrease in the value of silver and thus the currency, most states switched to a gold standard by 1900.

Products with an underlying silver basis are one of the most popular at Collateral Finance Corporation. These products appeal to individual investors, collectors, and dealers alike.

Monetization of a silver position: If you own silver but would like cash while retaining ownership of the silver, a loan secured by your silver might be the answer for you. We typically lend 75% of the current spot price on precious metals.

Storage of Silver: CFC offers safe, secure and insured storage options around the world through our affiliate company Transcontinental Depository Services, LLC, (TDS), which our competitors are unable to match. Visit (Asset Protection) for more details.

TDS keeps assets safe, secure and fully insured in the United States or internationally around the world in Europe, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong. Precious Metals, U.S. Coins, World Coins and Paper Currency will be kept in Brinks or Via Mat vaults, providing peace of mind.

Dealer Financing: We hear from many of our bullion and numismatic dealers that they need access to financing to expand their inventory. A loan secured by your existing inventory, whether the inventory is silver or another precious metal will allow you to tap into the value of your inventory for expansion. To get started today please visit our (New Loan Process).

Other loan products: Collateral Finance Corporation is able to tailor any of our loan products to more closely meet your individual needs. We are able to provide revolving lines of credit, finance numismatic purchases from auction houses or provide storage facilities. Please contact us today to discover what we can do for you. Learn more about our (Tailored Services).


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Precious metals storage

Many of the members of our management, trading, marketing, and operations teams have an average of twenty years experience working at A-Mark. The longevity of A-Mark employees provides you with contacts who have precious metals expertise and the ability to facilitate your dealings with A-Mark.

Secured Bullion Lending

A-Mark prides in an excellent reputation throughout the industry. Most major government mints have chosen A-Mark as a distributor for their products because we are known for providing high quality service and following ethical business practices.

Secured Bullion Lending

CFC annually undergoes an audit of its year-end financial statements conducted by KPMG, an independent accounting firm. CFC has consistently received unqualified opinions as a result of such audits which demonstrate the company's dedication to accurate financial reporting.