Apply For a Precious Metals Line of Credit

Lines of Credit (or Revolving Loan)

CFC offers several credit products to suit your needs whether you are an investor financing bullion purchases, or a rare coin collector desiring to have an established line of credit to finance unique auction purchases to complete your rare coin collection. Unlike most banks, we do not charge commitment or unused fees on our precious metal credit lines and loans.

Using precious metal as collateral, you will be able to open a line of credit (also called revolving loan) which is very similar to a credit card. Under a line of credit you are able to borrow, repay and re-borrow, just as you would under a credit card. Because our precious metal accounts are secured, the limit of the line of credit is only limited to the value of the bullion and numismatic coins collateral. This differs from our loans, which are typically fully funded at the time the loan documents are signed and once repaid cannot be re-borrowed. A line of credit allows greater flexibility to meet your funding needs.

Our lines of credit, also known as revolving loans, range from $25,000 to $1,000,000 or more. Because our lines of credit are secured by bullion or rare coins, we are able to offer lower interest rates than many banks’ unsecured loans.

Standard Types of Precious Metal Credit Accounts

Bullion Line of Credit:

A Bullion Line of Credit is secured by gold, silver, platinum and palladium precious metals. The bullion can be in the form of bars, ingots or coins. A bullion line of credit appeals to investors who seek low cost safe and secure storage options with the ability to leverage the value of their metal to buy more metal when the markets are favorable to them.

Numismatic Line of Credit:

A Numismatic Line of Credit is secured by precious coins graded by PCGS, NGC, or ANACS. This type of line of credit is ideal for numismatists needing access to their coins for potential sale at auctions, and/or would like to leverage the value of their coins for that once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase coins to complete their collections.

Dealer Line of Credit:

A Dealer Line of Credit is secured by bullion, rare coins or a combination of both. The dealer line of credit is ideal for dealers able to store a portion of their inventory offsite in a secure and insured location, and who would like quick and easy access to liquidity to meet short-term funding needs, or a longer-term loan to fund new inventory purchases.

Benefits of a Line of Credit From Collateral Finance Corporation

Our lines of credit have several attractive benefits. In addition to competitive interest rates, we offer free storage for your material, no fees and insurance against loss while stored in our facilities. 

Here is a list of some of the benefits of a line of credit with CFC:

  • Free storage
  • Insurance against loss
  • No annual fees
  • No upfront fees
  • No commitment or unused fees
  • No documentation fees
  • Higher line of credit limit
  • Competitive interest rates


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