If I have a revolving loan with CFC will it cost me anything? Will I have to take a loan out?

No. If you have applied for a revolving loan and completed the new loan process, your coins and/or bullion will be safely secured in a Brink's or Via Mat vault. You will have full access to the revolving line of credit at all times. You can also payoff your line of credit at any time and have your coins or bullion returned to you. The only charges you will incur will be the standard shipping charges and storage fee.

Having a secured revolving line of credit based on your coins and bullion offers you peace of mind in two ways. First, your collection is safely stored in your own account at a Brink’s or Via Mat facility. Secondly, you have easy access to funds, such as to make a rare coin purchase or to add inventory to your metals investment if the price moves the right way.

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